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User Guide

Ensure the appropriate X and Y axis are set.

To set the axes you click on the down arrow button next to the X and the Y axis labels to activate a drop down of choices.

setx axis

 To change Y axis;

sety axis

Select the clusters either by;

  • Clicking on the cluster
  • Choosing from the cluster drop down from the tool bar

AutoGate responds by;

  • Drawing a black border around the green cluster to signify user’s selection.

select cluster


Select other clusters, as required.

Now, Click on Show preferences and choose Enlarge selected from the Gate label preferences drop down. You will notice that the total cell count (% of the samples) is shown now. Click Hide preferences

enlarge selected


To name the gate, click on the down arrow button.
name gate


Once you specify the name and click OK, AutoGate responds by restricting the plot window to ONLY the cells/events within your chosen cluster.

You will also notice that the created gate is reflected in the Path finder and Gating tree.

gate reflected


To create subgates, use the same actions for "Live dumped" gate above.



Another sub gate added, as below

Subgate 2