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User Guide

As mentioned in the pre-requisites for AutoGate, it requires Matlab to work. The production version of AutoGate uses Matlab version 2020a Runtime. When you download AutoGate from, it will install Matlab R2020a for you. If you prefer to install on your own, below are the steps to install and then launch AutoGate.


For Mac Users

1. Download Matlab R2020a runtime from

2020aMCR Runtime

This is a once off install and doens't have to be repeated when there's a newer version of AutoGate.

1) It takes ~15 mins to complete the download (depending on your computer configuration and network speed)

2020MCR download


2) Go to Downloads folder and extract the zip


3) Open the MATLAB_Runtime_R2012a_Update_2_maci64.dmg file

2020aMCR unzipped


4) Open the Install file

2020aMCR Install


5) As it's downloaded from a trusted site, click Open

2020aMCR Alert


6) Provide your computer admin credentails when prompted

2020aMCR adminpwd


7) It takes ~5 mins for the Matlab Install Wizard to show up. No changes / action required here or in any of the installation steps.

 2020aMCR Install NoChanges


8) Click on the Next button in all the screens to complete the installation.

2020aMCR Install complete


2. Download from


1) Go to Downloads folder and Unzip AutoGate2020a.tar


2) Open

 2020aMCR AG Open 


3) Though is from a trusted source, Mac computer displays this warning message. Click Cancel

2020aMCR AG Alert


4) Again open from the downloads folder. This time, click Open

2020aMCR AG Open AfterAlert


5) AutoGate with Matlab 2020a will launch.

2020aMCR AG Launched

When there's a new version of AutoGate available, we will notify you on the steps to get the updates.