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User Guide

From version 4.586, AutoGate will work with the latest release of Matlab 2020a.

Existing users- When you launch AutoGate, it will check for availablility for Matlab 2020a. If not available, it will get your consent and do the installation for you. It's a pretty straight forward process and should take no more than 30 mins to complete. It's a once -off installation and not required to repeat.

Below are the steps for Windows users, for reference. If you encounter any issues, please contact  and we will be glad to assist you.

Existing users:

1. Open AutoGate.exe


2. AutoGate will check for AutoGate. As this is a critical update, Users won't have the choice to Skip.

2.Checking 4 update


3. AutoGate will then download the updates

3.Downloading Updates 


4. Below alert will be displayed, if Matlab 2020a isn't available. This alert is displayed by Matlab and AutoGate doesn't have control over it. Click OK

4.2020a not available


5. User will now be presented with a choice to swithc to 2020a or continue with 2017a. It's recommended to switch, as support for Matlab 2017a is only for a limited period. 

Click yes, install now to proceed with switching. If you wish to do this the next time, click No.

5.Alert Choice


6. On clicking Yes, install now, the launcher will get ready to commence the installation


7. Provide your admin credentials so any Matlab specific changes can be made

8. Matlab 2020a Runtime install wizard will show up. Click Next

6.Matlab Installer


11. Click Next and progress through the screens to complete the installation

12. Once download is completed, click Finish. Note, you can disregard the instructions in this window

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17. Open AutoGate.exe again

18. AutoGate will launch with Matlab 2020a