Leonore A. Herzenberg
The Herzenberg laboratory at Stanford University that Lee’s late husband, Leonard A. Herzenberg, and she jointly led for years has made many seminal contributions to immunoglobulin heavy chain (IgH) genetics and to functional analyses and lineage studies of mouse and human B and T cells. In addition, of principal interest to studies proposed here, their many “firsts” include the initial development of the Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter (FACS), the development of the first monoclonal antibody reagents for FACS, and the continued development and improvement of computer support for the acquisition, analysis, display and storage of flow cytometry data. Although Len alone is commonly credited for this FACS development work, their joint authorship for the majority of their published studies in this area better reflects their well-balanced collaborative effort, in which Len focused more on hardware development and FACS commercialization while Lee focused more on biological applications and computer support for FACS data analysis and storage.

For all her outstanding contribution to science, Lee has won numerous awards including ISAC’s highest honour the Mack Fulwlyer award. She was conferred this award at ISAC 2022. Her acceptance speech is available here