Below are the steps to access the SUH pipelines package on Windows OS that has Matlab R2021b available.
To download Matlab 2021b runtime, click here

1. Download the executable (.exe) file from here

 2. Go to the downloads folder and double click to open the suh_pipelines2021b.exe file

3.  It alers that publisher is unknown. Click More info and then click Run anyway to the below alert. Subsequent lauches will not show this alert.

4. SUH_pipelines is launched. 

6. Choose a method, say Subset unsupervised & supervised identification via parameter reduction(UMAP/UST). By default, it uses the sample experiment file (eliverlabeled.cvs).
To continue with this sample, specify an argument type whose values can be customized by clicking on Refine x arguments button

7. Once satifisied with the selection & arguments, click Run with arguments

8. Press Yes to confirm

9. Brings up the result which shows the parameters reduced by UMAP