Below are the steps to access the SUH pipelines package on Windows OS.

1. Download the executable (.exe) file from here

The 4 digit number in the URL references the Matlab Runtime version that will be supported. If you have Matlab Runtime 2019a on your computer, then simply replace the 4 digit with 2019a to look like this .  To remind, this number can only be the four Matlab Runtime versions listed above. 

 2. Go to the downloads folder and double click to open the suh_pipelines2021a.exe file

3.  It alers that publisher is unknown. Click More info and then click Run anyway to the below alert. Subsequent lauches will not show this alert.

4. SUH_pipelines is launched. 

6. Choose a method, say Subset unsupervised & supervised identification via parameter reduction(UMAP/UST). By default, it uses the sample experiment file (eliverlabeled.cvs). To continue with this sample, specify an argument type whose values can be customized by clicking on Refine x arguments button

7. Once satifisied with the selection & arguments, click Run with arguments

8. Press Yes to confirm

9. Brings up the result which shows the parameters reduced by UMAP