Stainset Recommender

Stainset recommender AKA AutoColor was first introduced at Cyto2010.
AutoColor predicts raw overlap measurement from Spectral Ex & Em curve data, instrument laser/filter configurations and vendor reagent data. The overlap relevance is determined by marker expression on cell expression and importance of cell population. AutoColor’s best reagent combination is the one with least amount of relevance-weighted overlap.

AutoColor currently applies to Fluorescence cytometry with bandpass filters and not for Mass cytometry (CytoF) or spectral flow cytometry (Cytek).

Below are the steps to run AutoColor version 2 (stainset recommender using Wayne Moore’s AutoColor Program).

  1. In eclipse, run from CVS /CytoGate/src/edu/stanford/facs/panel with input.txt as an input argument
  2. Input.txt is available under CVS/CytoGate/src/edu/stanford/facs/panel
    you can add marker, expression level, cell count in this file but any changes to the headers are not supported.
    Also, with this version, only Human species is supported
  3. On specifying the input.txt file, results of the stainset recommendation is shown in a popup window, as below
  4. You can choose to save the results as .csv file